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With You Every Step of the Way

Are you considering divorce? Ending a marriage and breaking physical ties with your spouse is never easy. It is vitally important that you understand the various issues involved with this process and that you get the experienced representation on your side that you need. Issues such as child custody, support, and many others can result in hostile circumstances between you and your spouse. In addition, you may be experiencing various hardships in your current situation that require the trusted legal assistance of Baton Rouge divorce lawyer, Keith Friley, Attorney at Law.

I am Attorney Keith Friley and I have extensive experience in divorce and family law. If you are considering this option or if you have been served with divorce papers, then you may greatly benefit from the legal assistance of my firm. Whether you are looking to utilize principals of mediation and collaboration or whether your case goes to trial, I will be there as your assertive legal advocate every step of the way. My firm can provide you with answers, advice, and assistance in this process in order to fight for the best possible outcome. Divorce is a means of relief from difficult circumstances, and my firm can help you fight to pave the way for a brighter future for both you and your family.

How Long Will The Divorce Process Take?

Divorce Issues in Baton Rouge, LA

One of the most highly contested issues in divorce is the fight for child custody. Depending on your circumstances and the nature of your divorce, your pursuit for child custody may be met with a great deal of hostility and opposition. There are studies that show that the battle for child custody can be one of the most emotionally traumatizing events in a person's life, next to experiencing the death of a child. I understand that you want to retain custody and I can work with you to fight for an amicable result.

Another very serious issue in divorce is property division. If you are a person who has earned a great deal of wealth in your career, and / or your spouse has incurred significant debt through credit cards and other loans, then it is important for you to know that you could lose half of your wealth and incur half of their debt. This can be devastating as your financial circumstances could very easily be radically changed. My firm can work with you to pursue justice and ensure that no one takes advantage of you.

What Keith Friley, Attorney at Law Can Do For You

When you work with my firm you are gaining over three decades of legal insight and expertise. I have had time to hone my courtroom skills and I know what tactics and strategies are effective both inside and outside the courtroom. This knowledge however, is of very little benefit to you if you attorney is not easy accessible. That is why I make a point to be readily available to my clients when they need me and I promptly respond to phone calls and emails. My firm also operates on a more personable level- I put a face to every case rather than treating clients like just another billable hour or case number. I will sit and take the time to get to know you and the details of your case so I can better meet your specific needs.

With nearly 30 years of experience, my firm has been practicing divorce and family law since 1984 with a long history of success in the cases that I handle. I understand the severity of the situation that you face; I have helped many people through this process in the past, and I can assist you. Whether you wish to pursue a divorce through peaceful mediation or fight for your rights through hostile courtroom litigation, I can assist you. It is important that you have skilled representation on your side, and I can provide this for you. Schedule a consultation today by calling (225) 395-9403 or visit my Baton Rouge office.

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