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Enforcement of Child Support Orders in Louisiana

Baton Rouge Divorce Lawyer

Child support is an extremely serious issue, these are payments made to the custodial parent of a child in order to cover various costs of provision such as food, shelter, clothing, and other costs. If you are entitled to receive these support payments, then it is important that you ensure that this occurs. If you have not received a payment, or if the individual responsible to make these payments has a history of missing payments or not providing you with the funds you are entitled to, then you may be able to pursue an enforcement of child support.

If you are seeking to enforce your rights to receive child support assistance, then you may greatly benefit from the representation of Baton Rouge divorce attorney Keith Friley, Attorney at Law. I have been serving the residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in many various divorce and family law matters for a number of years, and I am dedicated to helping them achieve the results that they need for their future. There a number of methods by which you could receive the enforcement that you need, and it is important that you have representation on your side throughout this process.

How to Enforce Child Support Orders

Have you not received a payment? Or does the responsible individual have a history of missing payments? It is crucial for you to seek my representation to help you pursue the legal action that you need in order to obtain the results that you desire. There are various circumstances that can be pursued in order to enforce child support payments, and depending on your situation and the situation of the individual required to make these payments, one method may be more effective than others. When you pursue child support enforcement, any of the following can be applied to secure payments:

  • Income assignment – This is similar to the garnishment of wages where the state government will seize the funds from the individual's employer and see that you are provided with the funds that you need.
  • Interception of state and federal tax refunds – Many working individuals file their state and federal taxes on a yearly basis, and any funds that they would receive in a tax refund can be seized to ensure that their obligations to child support payments are met.
  • Interception of lottery winnings – While these are rare circumstances, the funds that an individual would receive through lottery winnings can be seized to secure payment of child support.
  • Suspension of occupational, professional, driver's, hunting, and fishing license – This can greatly effect and individual's life and cause them to make payments when necessary.
  • Suspension of motor vehicle registration – When a person is unable to drive, their life is often greatly affected, and this can provide significant incentive to make child support payments.
  • Contempt of court hearings – In some cases, there are criminal ramifications for neglecting to make child support payments.
  • Passport denials – A passport denial can prevent a person from being able to conduct business, go on vacation, and cause other inconveniences.

Seeking your entitled support payments?

If you are entitled to receive child support, yet you are not receiving your entitled payments, then you need to seek the assistance of my office, as I can help you pursue the results that you deserve, and fight to see that you receive the support that you are entitled to. I have been practicing divorce and family law since 1984, and when you choose my firm, you can be sure that I will put these many years of experience to work for you. It is crucial that you seek skillful legal assistance in your situation, and I can help you pursue the enforcement of child support that you need. Contact a Baton Rouge child support attorney from my office today to discuss your situation, and to begin pursuing the support that you deserve.